KIPP Through College

KIPP Through College

Raising the standard

Nationally, the obstacles are enormous for students from economically disadvantaged communities to graduate from college. Thanks to our KIPP Through College program, KIPP students are on track to complete college at a rate that exceeds the national average.

KIPP Through College plays a critical role in seeing our students to graduation and beyond, beginning in eighth grade and continuing all the way through college.

About KIPP Through College

KIPP Through College seeks to ensure that every student who walks through our doors has the necessary tools to succeed in college and in life. This KIPP DFW program is designed to provide essential resources to support our students and alumni.

Through services like college counseling, college advising, summer internships, and career readiness support, KIPP Through College helps KIPP DFW students achieve success on the path to and through college.

Today, the KIPP Through College team supports 695 KIPP DFW alumni enrolled in high school and college.

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We empower our students and alumni with the skills to achieve their academic and professional goals, so that they can give back to their communities.

KTC by the numbers

95% of KIPP DFW alumni have graduated from high school.
79% of KIPP DFW alumni have matriculated into college.
84% of KIPP DFW alumni submit the FAFSA on average each year

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