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KIPP DFW is part of a national network of 200 public charter schools, and we regularly share resources and best practices with other KIPP regions, as well as the colleges and communities in which we operate. We hope these resources not only help to ensure optimal outcomes for KIPP DFW students, but for all students.

College Completion Report

Released on April 28, 2011, The Promise of College Completion: KIPP’s Early Successes and Challenges reports the college outcomes for students from the original two KIPP middle schools. It also examines our early lessons learned in supporting KIPP students through college, and shares the ways we are addressing the challenges of college completion.

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2011 KIPP Report on College Completion Contents


2013 KIPP Alumni Update on College Completion


Beyond KIPP

On Beyond KIPP, you’ll find hundreds of tools and resources for teachers, leaders, college counselors, and families. In the College category, one will find helpful information regarding KIPP’s approach to college counseling, supporting college students, career readiness, and more.

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