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From high school through college and beyond, the KIPP Through College program supports our students in their journeys to success, even after leaving our schools.

High School Transition

A student's 9th and 10th grade years in high school are critical to ensure early academic achievement and a successful high school transition.

Beginning in the 9th grade, counselors work closely with students and parents to discuss college affordability and entrance requirements to impart essential college knowledge. Through programming and counseling support, KTC assists alumni in navigating potential obstacles that may arise, such as social or academic concerns.

College Counseling

Throughout high school, KIPP DFW students and families receive intensive college placement support that includes standardized test prep, college campus visits, academic counseling, and identifying and securing financial aid. By each student's junior year of high school, KTC guides the student in creating and refining college wish-lists based on research and self-analysis. During the student's senior year, an array of services are offered to ensure students are successfully applying to and gaining admission into their best-fit universities.

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College Match

We use a focused approach to ensure that KIPPsters find the right College Match. Through this approach, which incorporates the 4 Keys to College Match, KTC guides alumni and parents to informed decisions on the path to college.

Know Your Numbers

Build A Smart Wishlist

Prepare For The Costs

Get An Early Start

College & Career

Following the college placement process, KTC continues to support KIPP DFW alumni enrolled in colleges to ensure progress on the path to degree attainment. Advisors coordinate college campus visits each academic semester to provide counseling on financial aid, course selection, and career pathways. Additionally, KIPP creates partnerships with colleges. Partner colleges commit to providing on-campus resources to ensure that KIPPsters remain on track for a college degree.

Current college partners include Southern Methodist University, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Texas, Duke University, University of Texas at Austin, Spelman College, Rice University, and more. Today, KIPP DFW alumni are attending over 60 colleges and universities in Texas and throughout the United States.


College Partnerships

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