KIPP in the News

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Announces New Superintendent

Dallas Post Tribune

August 27, 2016

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth announces Michael Horne as new Superintendent.

At Pleasant Grove intersection known for gang violence, a charter school gives hope

Dallas Morning News

March 1, 2016

KIPP Pleasant Grove Primary gives hope to Pleasant Grove Community.

Charter school 'beacon of hope' for children, Oak Cliff neighborhood, backers say

Dallas Morning News

February 11, 2016

KIPP Truth Elementary provides a beacon of hope for students in South Dallas.

Are You Smarter than a KIPPster?

Dallas Examiner

May 22, 2015

“Are You Smarter Than a KIPPster?” gave local and regional celebrities a second chance to test their knowledge against middle school students from KIPP DFW’s college preparatory school.

“Are You Smarter Than A KIPPster?” Once Again Provides Surprises And Puzzles For Adult Panelists And Guests

My Sweet Charity

May 22, 2015

Lucy Billingsley arrive at Frontiers of Flight Museum on Thursday, April 30, loaded for bear. As one of the adult panelists for the “Are You Smarter Than A KIPPster?” competition, she had prepped warm-up questions for her team of Pastor Bryan Carter, Clay Jenkins, Steve O’Brien, Will Rose, Florence Shapiro, George Tang, Bernice Washington, Lucy Wrubel and Edwin Flores subbing in for Pauline Medrano. She did a trial run of her questions with Caren Kline:

“Are You Smarter Than A KIPPster?” Is Going To Pit Should-Know-It-Alls Against Middle School Students

My Sweet Charity

April 15, 2015

Last year a new fundraiser was held that surprised guests. It was totally fun. With area smartie pants competing against students, the audience had a great time seeing the kids do nicely and the adult contestants grateful that they weren’t still in school.

KIPP receives three grants toward expansion plans

The Dallas Morning News

February 16, 2015

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth has received a two-year, $1 million grant from Simmons Family Foundation to aid its drive to expand to 10 campuses by 2020.

Simmons, Hamon And Rees-Jones Foundations To Provide Funding For KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth

My Sweet Charity

February 10, 2015

It’s always great when family foundations support a nonprofit. This morning has started off in a truly great way. Three outstanding foundations — Simmons Family Foundation, Hamon Charitable Foundation and The Rees-Jones Foundation — are going to provide funding for KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth (KIPP DFW) and its efforts to improve education in South Dallas.

Dallas 8th grader gets full ride to prestigious boarding school


May 15, 2014

An eighth grader from a Dallas charter school, Kipp Truth Academy, is heading to one of the most respected boarding schools in America on a full academic scholarship. 

KIPPsters Trump Dallas Adultsters

My Sweet Charity

May 13, 2014

It’s fascinating that tennis great Andre Agassi—the star attraction at the April 30 fundraiser for KIPP:DFW, College Preparatory Public Schools—is a self-described “ninth-grade dropout.” Because Agassi’s zeal for the mission of KIPP, which provides children in underserved communities with free, high-quality educations at public charter schools, was evident in spades at the nonprofit’s sold-out, inaugural benefit at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. 

Sir Richard Branson presents $55,000 check to KIPP charters in Dallas

The Dallas Morning News

May 6, 2014

Virgin Group CEO Sir Richard Branson helped present a $55,000 check to the KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth charter school Monday for its students to visit colleges. Branson came to Dallas to build support for Virgin America taking over two gates at Dallas Love Field. When Virgin America started selling tickets out of Love Field last month, the airline pledged to give $20 for each booking on the first day to KIPP. Virgin said that the $55,000 exceeded its fundraising goal.. 

JUST IN: Love Brings Sir Richard Branson To The Rustic And A $55,000 Check-In For KIPP Dallas

My Sweet Charity

May 6, 2014

Just thought you would like to know that Sir Richard Branson and Virgin CEO David Cush made a tidy donation to KIPP Dallas on behalf of Virgin Airlines last night at The Rustic — $55,000. He followed that presentation with a Cinco de Mayo salute with a shot of tequila and a body surf of “virgin” types. 

Richard Branson flies into Dallas ready to fight for Virgin America

CultureMap Dallas

May 6, 2014

To get the party started, Branson presented a $55,000 check to KIPP DFW and crowd surfed from the stage. Using the hashtag #LovetoFlyVirgin, guests tweeted their support of the airline. At one point, a commercial for Southwest Airlines briefly crashed the party as it played on televisions mounted throughout the restaurant. 

Last Night, Sir Richard Branson Joined The Love Field Debate and Presented $55,000 check to KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth

D Magazine, Frontburner

May 6, 2014

Richard Branson presents an oversized check for $55,000 worth of Virgin tickets to KIPP Dallas, a public charter school.  

Are you smarter than a KIPPster?

The Advocate

May 1, 2014

Students from KIPP DFW went head-to-head in a trivia game against some neighborhood celebrities last night during a fundraiser at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Spoiler: The kids won. 

Andre Agassi visits Dallas to see if Mayor Mike Rawlings is smarter than a KIPPster

CultureMap Dallas

May 1, 2014

Are you smarter than a KIPPster? That was the question of the evening at KIPP DFW’s first fundraiser at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, where hundreds of people passionate about education came together for some trivia, fundraising and good old-fashioned fun. 

Greg Abbott praises Mike Rawlings for home-rule push

The Dallas Morning News

April 30, 2014

Attorney General Greg Abbott, at KIPP Truth Academy in southern Dallas on Wednesday, said he believes Mayor Mike Rawlings’ “heart is in the right place” when it comes to trying to improve public schools. 

Things to do in Dallas Tonight: Are You Smarter than a KIPPster?

D Magazine, Frontburner

April 30, 2014

If you grew up in the 90s, it was impossible to miss the highly marketable tennis star Andre Agassi, who was basically the tennis equivalent of Michael Jordan at the time. He redefined the sport with an outwardly flamboyant style both in play and appearance. I’m not sure if he’ll still be exhibiting that same sartorial flair this evening, but he will be on hand as the special guest for KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth’s first annual fundraiser. It’s billed as “Are you Smarter than a KIPPster?,” and includes a group of well-known Dallasites pitted against middle school students currently enrolled in the charter school program. Our ever-busy Mayor Mike Rawlings will be there, as will KERA’s Krys Boyd, who will moderate. The event begins at 6:30 this evening, at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. 

Here are details of the Virgin America fare sale for Dallas Love Field flights

The Dallas Morning News

April 25, 2014

Virgin America will donate $20 a ticket, to a maximum of $55,000, to the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) in Dallas/Fort Worth. 

SMU helps prepare KIPP students for college

The Daily Campus

February 18, 2014

Every summer, SMU students volunteer their time to help rising junior and senior high school students in the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) prepare for college success. KIPP students participate in a five-week program where they live on the SMU campus, take two college-level courses with University faculty, earn college credit and live the life of a college kid. 

KIPP DFW's Expansion Plans Get $2 Million Boost

CultureMap Dallas

February 6, 2014

KIPP DFW's expansion plans got a big boost this week when the Jenesis Group announced the local charter school network won a $2 million grant. It's the single largest award in KIPP DFW's history and will go a long way in helping the tuition-free model grow to 10 campuses by 2021.

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth Charter School Network Announces $2 Million Grant


February 3, 2014

KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth has announced it has received a $2 million grant to expand its charter school network. The three-year grant from the Jenesis Group is the single largest award in KIPP DFW's 10-year history, the group says.

KIPP Scouts help Yumilicious get sweeter

White Rock Lake Weekly

February 4, 2014

Girl Scouts from KIPP DFW Troop Truth made a Girl Scout cookie delivery to the Yumilicious Lakeood location on Saturday, January 25. KIPP Truth Academy is one of two KIPP charter schools in DFW.

School News Bites: Girl Scout Cookies for Lakewood

Lakewood Advocate

January 28, 2014

Girl Scouts from KIPP DFW Troop Truth made a Girl Scout cookie delivery to the Yumilicious Lakeood location on Saturday, January 25. KIPP Truth Academy is one of two KIPP charter schools in DFW. 

KIPP Students Learn Truth about Science

White Rock Lake Weekly

January 2014

Students at KIPP Truth Academy learn about the effects of liquid nitrogen on various objects and food items during an entertaining freeze drying demonstration by Air Liquide's Freeze Team. 

Tennis Star Andre Agassi Serves Up Cash For KIPP Charter School


October 23, 2013

Former tennis champ Andre Agassi lent his star power to officially open a Dallas charter school Wednesday. The star also contributed millions from his education fund to launch the KIPP Destiny elementary school.

KIPP Destiny Elementary Welcomes its First Students

The Dallas Morning News

August 11, 2013

Miriam Morato never graduated from high school or attended college. But she hopes she set her 4-year-old daughter on track to a college education when she enrolled her in the pre-kindergarten program at KIPP Destiny Elementary. Morato and Andrea walked into the school for the first time during an open house Thursday. The girl, clad in denim capris and pink flip-flops, hid behind her mother and peeked into hallways lined with blue lockers and classrooms decorated with posters. She was peeking into her destiny.

Mayor Rawlings on charter operator KIPP DFW’s expansion: Great cities needs great neighborhoods need great schools

The Dallas Morning News

October 4, 2012

On the Education Blog Tuesday, and in yesterday’s paper, was the note about Andre Agassi’s REIT partnering with KIPP to open its second charter school in Dallas — this one, an elementary in an empty strip shopping center at Camp Wisdom and Westmoreland Roads. 

With help of Andre Agassi’s fund, KIPP will bring a charter elementary to Westmoreland and Camp Wisdom next year

The Dallas Morning News

October 2, 2012

No doubt you recall the firestorm that erupted at Dallas City Hall earlier this year, when charter-school-operating Uplift Education asked the city to form that corporation that would allow it to sell $85 million worth of bonds for a planned expansion that includes that newly opened Deep Ellum campus. 

KIPP’s expansion means southern Dallas residents will get a new education option

The Dallas Morning News

October 2, 2012

I don’t believe that charter schools are a magic bullet. In fact, I don’t think there is a magic bullet when it comes to education. But I am thrilled to see KIPP report that it is opening a southern Dallas elementary school next year.